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Learn How An Inspirational 20-year-old Is Dominating The Barbering Industry

Victor Fontanez is a twenty-year-old entrepreneur/barber who hails from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Victor’s town was a small cozy town and didn’t provide the required amount of resources and opportunities needed to climb the ladder of success.  

Due to this, victor learned a unique skill, how to turn nothing into a sprawling hub of opportunities. Today, Victor has created an empire through his skill and has turned his side hustle as a barber into a global phenomenon.

In this article, Victor shares how he was able to conquer the obstacles that he faced and create a global empire out of nothing

Staying focused

Victor shares that he was able to stay focused because of the mindset he cultivated. When he was younger, he heard a quote from Eric Thomas which said, “Give up what’s good for what’s great.” 

The moment he heard this quote, he realized that most of the things that drive youths towards misfortunes are temporary feelings that make them feel good. He decided to go after the greater things instead and gave up everything good in order to go for what’s great. 

The Motivation To Move Forward 

When asked about his source of motivation to become better, Victor simply replied with a question; why limit yourself? From the outset, Victor pledged to himself to become the best person he could be, he didn’t just want to be the best barber in the industry, he also strived to become the best educator, brand owner, and motivational speaker, basically, he sought to dominate every field. 

“It’s about building something bigger than ourselves. Never let somebody else nor your surroundings limit you on what you can achieve.”- Victor Fontanez

Some Words Of Advice

As an entrepreneur, you’re bound to run into some problems on your journey to success. Victor has experienced countless obstacles and believes that all of these were just a test of his faith. 

He shares that barriers or obstacles are all ways that God uses to test us and they are not meant to derail us, Instead, they are meant to make us wiser and stronger.  This mindset helped him overcome the challenges he faced while he was still situated in his hometown at Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Here are some words of advice from Victor for anyone who’s striving for success;

“Be ready to sacrifice, give up anything and anybody that might sway you off your energy or focus. After you give it all up, its time to give it all you got. Watch your circle more than anything, it can always get tighter.”

About The Author

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