How 17-year Old Oskar Brandt became CEO of ‘one of the most innovative companies in the world’

Oskar Brandt is a German photographer, designer, entrepreneur, and influencer born on the 27th of October, 2002 in Berlin, Germany. In 2019, he founded EXOGREEN, a Berlin-based environmental company, and NGO that utilizes new technologies to filter microplastic particles from rivers and oceans. In less than a year, his company has already gained global recognition and is acclaimed as one of the most innovative companies in the world. 

Getting Started

From a very young age, Oskar had a burning desire to make a positive impact in the world. As a 10-year-old, he started his involvement in political dealings as well as environmental justice, and became a member of the Ruckert Gymnasium in Berlin. In 2020, he joined the Albert-Einstein Gymnasium. Here, he partnered with several organizations like Amnesty International, UNICEF, and ZDF, to organize various political and social events. 

Oskar also developed a penchant for traveling. With each new location, he finds inspiration in the different cultures and people, who teach him new values and life lessons. His most memorable trip to date was to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He recalls driving through favelas while helping the poor children. There was plastic waste on every street corner. At that point, he came to the realization that a large number of people live in poverty and he became motivated to help them. So, EXOGREEN was born.

Creating Lasting Impact

EXOGREEN currently has several prototypes in the testing phase. The company has also created online learning material to improve environmental awareness among youths globally.

Beyond this, EXOGREEN also has a financial commitment to the environment. The company has pledged 5% of every purchase made to help battle climate change through planting trees. 90% is reinvested in the company to promote the company’s research.

The Motivation to Succeed

Man needs a goal. The first thing to do is to realize what your destiny is, who you are, the things you like, and enjoy doing. A good mindset, accompanied by the right drive to turn your goals into real-time achievements, is the prerequisite to becoming successful.

Oskar draws his motivation from his family, friends, and his girlfriend. They collectively help him get by during the hard times. Another thing that spurs him to action is the injustice in the world. Through his photography, he is able to capture the moments of peace and beauty in the world. With this, Oskar can show people what the world could be, how beautiful it all could be. This principle allows him to wake up every morning and do what is right.

The dawn of a new day inspires him and leaves him excited for what the day might bring. Oskar believes that every new day holds new opportunities, particularly for business owners. He is also inspired by nature. He is in awe of its power that serves as a reminder that we are all just a small speck of sand in a larger universe. It helps put things in perspective. 

Final thoughts

Oskar wishes he had dedicated more time to decide what he wanted from life and had followed his instincts more. Welcoming feedback and being less concerned with what people think of you are two additional things he wished he had done. He believes that the fastest way to be unhappy is to concern yourself with the things that people say about you.